Absence of a well structured mentorship, unemployment and/or underemployment are recurrent challenges facing the young lawyers in the practice of law in Nigeria. The #ALLINCLUSIVEBAR will prime these challenges and pursue strategic short/long term remedies to this menace. To demonstrate our fidelity hereof, we shall, if elected;

  • Constitute an Action Plan Committee on Mentorship, Employment and Remuneration of Young Lawyers. This committee would submit a blueprint within a reasonable timeline for NEC deliberation/action at our first NEC meeting.
  • Inspire hope and confidence in the younger members of this noble profession by giving them opportunities to associate, explore and favourably compete with their counterparts in the continent and other parts of the globe.
  • Institute a robust Young Lawyers’ Exchange Program with Regional/International Bar Associations/bodies
  • We will collaborate with financial institutions to provide loans for young lawyers that may decide to go into partnership or explore other complex and competitive opportunities in other branches of the law.
  • Strengthen the NBA-YLF to become for efficient and responsive to the basic yearnings and aspirations of members.


Encouraging Partnerships amongst Young Lawyers

The world is changing all over, young people are creating values, we believe legal practitioners in Nigeria should not be left behind. They should be encouraged to meet up and exceed the standards of young people everywhere.

One of the major ways we intend to empower young lawyers is to provide an enabling environment for them to form partnerships, manage their own firms and manage their destiny. Subject to the recommendation of the committee here above mentioned, we intend to set up a unit at the NBA Secretariat, whose duty shall be to provide young lawyers with the needed technical support to establishing partnerships.