In the #ALLINCLUSIVEBAR, we shall give serious attention to capacity building and improved welfare and earnings of members, with special emphasis on the younger lawyers. We shall also endeavour to protect the job of lawyers. We pledge the following;

  1. Ensure that only private legal Practitioners prepare legal mortgages, land instrument and other legal documents in Nigeria.
  2. Take steps at regulating fees/charges for all legal documentations. This uniform remuneration is overdue and very critical at sustaining the dignity of the Profession and protecting the job of lawyers. We shall set up a committee once inaugurated, to advice on the implementation modalities of this particular agenda.
  3. Comprehensive review of the NBA Life Assurance Policy with a mindset to raising the assured indemnity by at least 50% to 100% for a more meaningful operation of the scheme.
  4. We will study, review and implement upon collation of members’ views, certain aspects of the Monday Ubani-led NBA Welfare Committee Report as presented at the 2018 Ilorin NEC. (See my website for details)
  5. Establishment of a State-of-the-art E-Library at the National Secretariat, free for all lawyers. The NBA E-Library can be accessed electronically through the NBA portal, where lawyers who have paid their BPF and branch dues can be issued with codes to access e-law reports free of charge.

Protecting Legal Practice And Combating Unauthorised Practice Of Law In Nigeria

In the #ALLINCLUSIVEBAR, NBA will no longer play the ostrich when quacks and persons from other professions invade the legal territory and take over our practice and briefs that can cushion the side effects of emerging economic realities.

  • Certain briefs that can put money in the pockets of lawyers, especially, the younger members of the Bar have been gradually eroded. We pledge to decisively deal with these issues and holistically reclaim our territories and restore our briefs. 
  • Banks, MDAs, Organisations and other public/private institutions must steer clear of the jobs reserved for lawyers. We shall invoke the RPC and discipline In-house Counsels who connive with their employers in this breach and encroachment of lawyers’ briefs.
  • We shall propose an amendment to the Legal Practitioners Act to criminalize the encroachment on jobs reserved for lawyers as well as the illegal use of the NBA Stamp and Seal.

Re-focusing Continuing Legal Education to Specialised Training and Career Opportunities for Young Lawyers

In the #ALLINCLUSIVEBAR, we intend to form strategic partnerships with organisations such as Coursera, EDX, CITN, etc, with a view to supporting lawyers, especially young lawyers participate in courses online. This will make continuing legal education more affordable and less stressful.

Restructure and Strengthen the NBA Institute of Continuing Legal Education to effectively meet the needs of lawyers.

Provide free CLE training for Young Lawyers during NYSC, with emphasis on Rules of Professional Conduct and Rules of Court.