The introduction of the NBA Stamp is a commendable innovation in legal practice that needs to be well harnessed for the protection of the Legal Profession in Nigeria against quacks and impostors. The NBA Stamp regime has very tremendously helped in combating the hitherto worrisome menace of fake lawyers in Nigeria. It has also propelled the growth of NBA Membership strength and database both at branch and National levels and thereby enabling a more effective regulation of lawyers.

However, many lawyers especially the younger ones have expressed dissatisfaction with the extra cost burden of the NBA Stamps. Under my watch, the #ALLINCLUSIVEBAR shall PRODUCE AND ISSUE THE NBA STAMPS AT NO EXTRA COST TO LAWYERS. To achieve this, we intend to seek collaboration with sponsors/donor agencies.

On prompt payment of the Annual Bar Practicing Fee, every lawyer, on application, shall be issued with a pack of the NBA Stamps to enable him/her practice for the licensed year, however some seniors with higher volume of cases may apply for extra packs of stamp at a token cost.