To demonstrate the inclusiveness of the #ALLINCLUSIVEBAR, we shall, once elected, proceed on the following:


Create a new Directorate at the NBA Secretariat to be known as Membership Directorate. This Directorate, with competent and motivated staff, shall be exclusively saddled with day to day interaction with all branches and members of the Bar for timely treatment of all enquiries/correspondences, as well as maintaining a verifiable branches’/members’ database.

Whilst recognising and preserving deserving respect for the seniors and leaders of the Bar, we shall enthrone a system where every lawyer, old, young, women and physically challenged would have a sense of ownership and participation at the Bar. This we pledge to demonstrate in the following ways, including but not limited to;

Inclusiveness of Women and Younger Lawyers and at NEC/Branch Executive Committees:

We shall propose an amendment to the constitution to increase the participation of younger lawyers at both National and branch administration, to wit;

  1. Currently, the Chairman and Secretary of the Young Lawyers’ Forum are members of NEC by virtue of their positions. With the proposed amendments, we plan to replicate same at the branches by allowing Chairmen and Secretaries of the branch YLF become statutory members of the Executive Committees of their respective branches.
  2. Creation of additional 10 slots at NEC for lawyers of 7-9 years post call. Lawyers in this age bracket are not countenanced in the current constitution with regard to NEC membership. Since NEC membership is minimum 10 years post call and young lawyers (1-7) are represented by their Chairman and Secretary, there is need to create these additional slots to cater for both the young lawyers and lawyers in this identified middle age bracket.
  3. Appointment of more women into NEC, Committees or other statutory positions.

Inclusive Bar Conferences and Events

Organising world class conferences at substantially affordable rates is not rocket science. As Chairman of the NBA Criminal Justice Reform Committee, we delivered a widely adjudged successful 5th Criminal Justice Reform Conference at much subsidised rates, while offering scholarships to many lawyers, especially young lawyers and the physically challenged. We pledge to replicate this capacity at our Annual General Conferences to encourage maximum participation of lawyers, old, young physically challenged.

  1. We pledge a substantial reduction across board on conference fees, while we promise to deliver world class conferences, superb in quality and in content.
  2. In the #ALLINCLUSIVEBAR, Young Lawyers will only pay 50% of the current 2018 AGC Fees for the 2019 and 2020 Annual General Conferences

Physically challenged lawyers who are of good standing at their respective branches SHALL BE EXEMPTED from payment of all conference fees.

Membership of NEC, Committees and Statutory Appointments:

  1. To ensure that every branch of the NBA is carried along in the #ALLINCLUSIVEBAR, all appointments shall be evenly spread across all branches and each NBA branch will have at least one representative in either NEC (excluding the branch statutory NEC members), Committees, Statutory Bodies, Sections/Fora, etc.
  2. To improve lawyers’ participation at the branch levels, thereby strengthening membership base and earning capacity of branches, every member of the NBA must be of good standing with his/her respective branch to qualify for any Bar appointment or recommendation for judicial appointment.
  3. Inclusion of more women in NEC and committee appointments.:

Re-awakening the NBA Corporate Counsel Forum

The goal here is to reconnect with our members in the corporate world (public and private sectors). Corporate/In-house Counsels should be encouraged to deepen their participation in the affairs of the NBA. Such relationships will enhance partnerships, membership growth and networking.

  1. We will propose a constitutional amendment to allow corporate counsels and law officers hold certain elective offices in the NBA. They will also be considered in NEC and committee appointments.

Re-awakening of NBA Women Lawyers’ Forum

This is to encourage more participation of women in Bar administration and activities.

IT-Based Innovative Secretariat

To effectively drive the #ALLINCLUSIVEBAR agenda, we shall introduce IT-based innovations, including but not limited to;

  1. Establishment of Official NBA Call Centre:

Establishment and maintenance of a 24 Hour State-of-the-art NBA Call Centre facility is extremely necessary with the incessant membership growth of the NBA to enable members get prompt answers to inquiries and complaints and more especially make the Secretariat easily accessible to members and the public from any part of the world.


We shall develop and launch an interactive ‘Mobile App’ free for all lawyers for easy and first hand access to NBA products and services.  

  1. Total overhaul of the NBA Portal in line with International best practices for optimum utilization and accessibility, and to enable more web-based interactions and E-payments.