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We shall professionalize the Operations of the National Secretariat by ensuring adequate training and capacity building for the staff, defined organogram and fine tune the administrative structure of the Secretariat.

We shall institute a well structured staff training policy, while ensuring that verifiable performance monitoring indicators are put in place for optimum output.

We shall sustain the ongoing reforms aimed at repositioning the NBA to favourably compete with Bar Associations globally.

We will strengthen existing directorates and create additional two, to wit; Membership Directorate and International Affairs Directorate. The International Affairs Directorate will be saddled with the responsibility of establishing institutional synergy and collaboration with regional and International organizations, Bar Associations & Law Societies across the globe with the aim of positive partnerships, trade missions and expanding the frontiers of legal practice in Nigeria.


To advance the Legal Profession in Nigeria and enhance the welfare of lawyers through the running of an all inclusive Bar with efficient services, unmatched collaborative opportunities and partnerships, as well as globalized practice and professional development.


A revitalized Bar Association with purposefully innovative leadership that accords with international best practices, anchored on professionalism, discipline and rule of law, and above all, always accessible to all members.